UFOs are Art: Finnish photographer Maria Lax Tries to Capture the UFO Experience

An article in Wired magazine features the work of Finnish photographer Maria Lax. As author Taylor Glascock explains:

In late 2013, Lax visited her hometown to see her parents and stumbled upon a copy of Pudasjärven Ufot. It’s a collection of first-person accounts of UFO sightings that her grandfather, Soini Lax, gathered in the ’70s while working as a journalist. Mr. Lax died earlier that year, and his granddaughter grew fascinated by the strange tales and her connection to them. She decided to reach out to some of the people her grandfather interviewed and began making these haunting images as a homage to their experiences.


Posting her photos on Instagram, Lax does not attempt to recreate sightings and encounters, but rather tries to capture the feel, the mood, the experiences described by those reporting. It’s another interesting example of how the UFO experience has inspired artistic creations.


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