Clarke on the Top Ten UFO Documents in the National Archives (UK)



Last month, David Clarke posted on his blog his “Top 10 UFO Documents at the National Archives” in Kew, southwest London. An author of a number of books on the history of UFOs and ufology –  most recently, UFO Drawings from the National Archives – Clarke has been the person responsible for curating and releasing the British Ministry of Defence UFO files – a massive undertaking (all told, he tells us, involving some 60,000 pages of reports and correspondence).

I had the good fortune to meet David Clarke in London last summer, where he personally introduced me to some of the archived materials held at Kew. Among other things, I had the opportunity to examine the original report of Lt. Col. Charles Halt regarding an apparent sighting in 1980 at RAF Base Bentwaters (now famously known as the “Rendlesham Forest Incident”).

Curating archival materials is arduous and sometimes rather thankless work. Those who undertake it are very often overlooked. So those of doing research on the history of the UFO phenomenon owe an enormous debt of gratitude to David Clarke, the staff at the National Archives, and those like them at other archives throughout the world.

Back to his Top Ten….Number 1 on his list?

Prime Minister Winston Churchill‘s memo to the Air Ministry, 1952: ‘What’s all this stuff about flying saucers? What is the truth?’ (PREM 11/855). His request followed a spate of sightings over Washington DC that were widely reported in the UK and international media.


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