Podcast: UFO Hunting in the Photoshop Age



From: http://ufotheater.com/ufo-channel-reviews/ufo-black-list/

Bloomberg’s podcast Decrypted, hosted by Austin Weinstein and Pia Gadkari, has recently taken a look at ufology in the digital age of photoshop. (Full disclosure: I was interviewed for this episode). In particular, Weinstein and Gadkari are interested in exploring how accessibility to digital editing technologies have changed the way in which UFO hunters and their critics have gone about their work – and how difficult it is for those of us who aren’t particularly tech savvy to separate the real from the fake.  The episode is described like this:

Advances in photo and video editing technology have enabled fake news, birthed viral hoaxes and even empowered corrupt governments. But they’ve also had a less publicized consequence: complicating mankind’s search for extraterrestrial life. This week on Decrypted, Bloomberg Technology’s Austin Weinstein and Pia Gadkari examine the recent boom in UFO sightings — and how they’ve become more convincing than ever. This is part of a special season of Decrypted, where we examine the unintended consequences of modern technology.

An interesting look at both the production and the debunking of UFO online videos and images.

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