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Blogs With Historical Content

Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici: This center for ufology studies was established in 1986 and makes its home in Turin, Italy.  One of the most active and well-organized centers for UFO research in the world, its members conduct field investigations, meet to discuss recent reports, conduct research, and publish books and articles. In addition, its headquarters serves as the home to an impressive archive of materials chronicling the history of UFOs and ufology in Italy and elsewhere. The center’s website is regularly updated with news about events and publications surrounding UFOs.

Dr. David C. Clarke’s Blog: Journalist and folklorist David C. Clarke is a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and the author of numerous books and articles on the history of UFOs. Clarke also supervised the declassification and release of UFO-related documents by the British Ministry of Defence over the past decade.

Forbidden Histories: Forbidden Histories is a blog written by Dr. Andreas Sommer. He is a historian of the human sciences based at Churchill College and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, and affiliated with the UCL Centre for the History of Psychological Disciplines, London, UK. While the blog does not focus on the history of UFO and aliens, it does provide great insights into the broad history of the paranormal.

Ghost Rockets: This Twitter site provides updates on developments in the ongoing, collaborative investigation of the ghost rocket mystery in Sweden.

Håkan Blomqvist´s Blog: Blomqvist is a Swedish ufologist and librarian with a remarkable knowledge of especially the early history of the UFO and alien contact phenomenon. The author of a number of books on the subject, he is drawn to esoteric explanations.

Retro-Forteana: Charles Fort (1874-1932) was an American writer who became famous for collecting stories of various paranormal phenomena and encounters (his complete works can be found here). Fort’s work has inspired generations of others to follow his footsteps in what is generally referred to as “Forteana.” Retro-Forteana is the blog of freelance writer Andrew May, who explores various chapters in the history of the strange and paranormal.

Historical Sources

Barry Greenwood Archives: Barry Greenwood has been active in ufology since the 1960s and has amassed a considerable collection of historical documents, many of which he has made available online.

The Black Vault: This site offers access to a wealth of primary source material in the service of exposing “government secrecy.” While much of the fund of sources here centers on UFOs, it also provides materials on various paranormal phenomena, including ghosts and strange animals.

Project Blue Book Archive: Project Blue Book (1959-1969) was the U.S. Air Force’s enterprise tasked to investigate UFO sightings. This online archive provides researchers with access to a vast number of formerly classified government documents dating back as far as 1947.

NOUFORS: NOUFORS stands for Northern Ontario UFO Research and Study, a Canadian-based enterprise directed by ufologist Michel M. Deschamps. The site offers a rich array of historical sources, but especially useful is Deschamps’s encyclopedia of ufology terms and abbreviations.

The Sign Historical Group:  Hosted by the Project 1947 website, the Sign Historical Group consists of a number of researchers interested in preserving and analyzing historical records related to the UFO phenomenon. Among the things you can find here is an invaluable guide to resources (including archival materials) for the historical study of UFOs.

UFO Casebook Database: Here you will find a guide to some of the most prominent historical sightings and encounters. The site relies primarily on ufological literature, but it does offer a useful introduction to canonical cases and terminology.

UFO Evidence: UFO Evidence provides a variety of primary and secondary sources chronicling the history of the UFO and alien contact phenomenon.

UFO Fotocat Blog: Veteran UFO researcher Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos manages this rich website that, among other things, features historical photographs of alleged UFOs from all over the world.

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