Great New Resource: Over 2 Million Searchable Transcripts, Podcasts, Videos

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From: Above Top Secret

Thanks to the tireless work of Isaac Koi, the website Above Top Secret is now making available a fabulous new resource for anyone interested in the history of UFOs. Here you can find a searchable database for transcripts, podcasts, and videos along with digitized defunct newsletters and magazines from across the world, official documents, dissertations, UFO catalogues, and more.

It’s never been easier for those of us studying the history of unidentified flying objects and alien contact to access sources, as so many archivists – like the folks behind The Archives for the Unexplained, The Black Vault, and the National Archives in the UK  – have been busy over the past 10+ years digitizing primary sources. Koi’s achievement is a welcome addition. By providing a simply way to search for materials, Koi has made it all the more straightforward to get right to work.